Saturday, April 11, 2015

A "Me" Weekend

Today's post isn't too teachery.  Yes...teachery.  

So I'm giving up social media for the weekend.  Yes, giving it up.


I have been noticing how much I am on my phone.  I was at a friend's house last weekend and we all went to dinner and what were we doing?  Eating and between bites on our phones looking at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

I know we all know this.  It's absolutely nothing new.  We are a different kind of social being than we were 20 years ago.  Even really 10 years ago.

I absentmindedly check my phone ALL the time.  

I decided yesterday to delete my Facebook app (not my account but the app).  I rarely use social media on my actual laptop.  Part of it was that I was having a rough day and just didn't care to see everyone's stuff.  The other part was me wanting to delete it for a long time.  

Last night while in bed at 9:00pm (it was a busy and rough day!) I deleted my Instagram and Twitter apps.  

So on Sunday at 8:00pm I will redownload my apps.  I hope this will show me to enjoy the little things and that I miss a lot being glued to my phone.  I hope I don't get any crazy texts wondering if I'm alive!  I didn't post anything on Facebook that I was done with it for the weekend and I forgot to on my Miss Kate's Desk Instagram account.  :/  

I'm ready for a nice relaxing weekend.  Today I've already got a tiny workout in and I may go walk some trails later.  I have a date tonight *gasp*.  I have 3 new professional development books that Paul Bloomberg suggested to me on Wednesday that I want to start (well, on one of them)...more on that in a future post.  Tomorrow I will just be doing more of the same.  My friends are busy and for the first time in a month or two and I have no plans this weekend!

Don't get me wrong, I love my accounts.  I do.  But sometimes I feel like I am too attached and I need to just stop and smell the fresh air instead.  I'll do an update to this post after Sunday and tell you how it goes.  

Also, if you have a Fitbit...let me know. We can become friends!  I'm currently doing some weekend step challenges with a friend.  I just got mine on Monday night and I LOVE it.  

Have a relaxing weekend everyone.  Go outside and enjoy!


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