Tuesday, March 31, 2015

WHOA! Where has this been?!? A Touchtronic review.

*Disclaimer*- I am not being asked to write this review but I have had many people ask me about these letters or who have sent me a DM on my Instagram asking what in the world these cool interactive letters are.  I just love it and want to share how/why I use this in my classroom.

We have had the letters for almost two weeks and so far I am loving them!  I can't wait to use them in August when the kids are really working on letters/sounds.  The ABC app will be great for the first part of the year!

I still have a few kiddos have just recently mastered all their letter sounds...so this app is great practice for them.  Now, my kids who are reading DRA level 4 or higher...not so much.  But this is a great resource for your kids who are still struggling with letters/sounds or who need CVC practice (the app not shown in the video...but coming soon).

I love how the CVC app says the sounds, helps the students sound out the words, and lets them know if something needs to be changed.  The CVC app is great because the students can build CVC words, it sounds it out, and shows a picture of the word.  I even made some odd words that they may not think of...such as sob, and it had a picture of crying.  I did rob and it showed a thief.  Pretty neat stuff!  

Currently I am using this for my low readers/writers during RTI and station time.  On occasion I'll call a student up to my table to do one of the two apps just for extra practice if they finish early.  I just wish I had more than one iPad!  :)  Don't get me wrong, so thankful for our PTO...I know lots do not even have that.

Here's how it works, you buy the letters (box shown below) and then download the FREE apps (Touchtronic ABCs or Touchtronic 3 Letter Words).  The video down below shows a couple students using the ABC app.  

What I love best about it:
*Hands on
*Very interactive
*Great for individual or partner practice
*Uses technology...we all know how much our kids gravitate towards that.

Hands down amazingness right here!  You can purchase the letters on Junior Learning's website or they also have them on Amazon.com as well.  

Here is a short video of the ABC app in action.  Tomorrow or Thursday I will try to video students using the 3 Letter Word app. 

There is also a numbers set that I will purchasing next. :)  

Hope you enjoyed this little review and those who follow me on Insta who have thought it looks cool...now you can see a little what it looks like.

Be sure to check back in a day or two for the update with the second app (CVC word) video.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

100 TPT Follower SALE 3/29/15

I have reached 100 followers on TPT!  I've been creating resources since June 2014 and started selling a few weeks later in July.  

It has been such a fun journey!  I've connected with many awesome educators across the country!  

In honor of my small milestone of 100 followers...I am throwing a sale at my store.  Go to my TPT store: Miss Kate's Desk . 

The sale runs tomorrow (March 29th) and I may extend it longer than that.  ;)

Check my Instagram: @misskatesdesk to see what best selling items I will be putting as *FREEBIES* for tomorrow only!  Follow me on IG to know what is a limited time freebie.

Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!  Thank you so much for supporting my young TPT store.  

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Break Recap

My Spring Break is coming to an end.  I have a few more hours until I hit the hay and get rested up for tomorrow.  I wanted to share some of the highlights of my break.  I feel pretty refreshed but anxious for the busy times coming up this last 1/4 of the school year.

#1 Yummy food.  Joplin has really come along the last 5 or so years with new local restaurants and bars with great food and drinks.  Throughout my break there was several times that I met up with friends for some delicious local food!  My favorite is Instant Karma.  I tried Gaslight for the first time (nachos picture below) this break.

#2 Bedroom Makeover.  I decided it was time for a new and bigger bed.  I found a deal at a local furniture store and it was a metal frame.  It wasn't exactly what I had pictured but I LOVE it.  The prints in the frames were found on various Etsy stores.  I also purchased frames on sale at stores like Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and Target.  I went for a sorta girly and mismatched look.  Suits my personality well.

#3 Working out.  I have been back to working out daily and it has been great...besides the fact that there are some days when I moan and groan when sitting down.  The below picture accurately describes the pain.  So far since last Friday (first day of break) I have lost 4lbs!

# 4 Friends.  I have spent a lot of time with friends this break. I have seen a movie or two, went to dinner, went to karaoke, and to a day trip to Bentonville, Arkansas.  Here is one of my best friends and I at our karaoke night.

#5 Day Trip.  My friends and I went to Bentonville, Arkansas to go to Crystal Bridges.  Crystal Bridges is an awesome museum in Northwest Arkansas.  If you are ever in the area...stop by!  It is free...but we got a $10.00 ticket to see a special exhibit for Van Gogh to Rothko.  It was great!  We also walked a little on the trails around the museum and I saw the new Frank Lloyd Wright house being put together (well, it's not new...but they are moving it from NJ to AR).  

(a Jackson Pollock and I)

Not quite sure if I'm ready to power through the next month and a half.  It's been a trying year in my personal life.  One day I'll share about that and how depression affected me this past school year.  Good news is that dark cloud hovering over me since the fall is more like a little fog now.  

Positivity.  :)  I do feel refreshed...which I was in desperate need of.

May will be here soon.  It's the most magical month to me.  Happy Spring everyone!