Friday, July 17, 2015

New Stuff!

Flash back to the month of May.  I remember telling my awesome grade level teaching partner aka TBFF (teacher best friend forever) that I was not going to spend that much money this summer since I wasn't updating my theme.  I knew I was buying a cubby shelf and trays for it and other than that, I didn't plan on spending a lot.  Now, I've kept a few receipts because at my school we can turn in $150 worth teach year.  I know I've met that.  Haha.

So, here I am now when I think back to that statement I made to Bobbie.

Target Dollar Spot and Zulily are my weakness.  Enough said.

So today I want to show you some things I purchased this summer that I am super excited about and I'll tell ya what I'm using them for.

Boogie Boards
I LOVE whiteboards.  Don't get me wrong.  I have been seeing on other blogger's blogs how cool these ewriters are.

You use a stylus (it attaches to that black thing at the top) to write on the black board.  

When you are finished all you have to do is push the white circle at the top and the writing is gone!  There's no charger, no battery.  It's awesome.  It is also supposed to be scratch resistant.  I'm sure my five and six year olds will test that.

Sam's metal organization cart (aka IKEA knock off)

My mom picked this up for me all excited because she thought they were cool.  I found a spot to put it in my classroom next to my tiny desk and I'm excited for a little bit more storage space.

Cubby Shelf

I posted this before this summer, but I'm so excited to get it out of the box and assemble...well, not so much the assembling part.  

I bought similar tubs from Lakeshore.  They are having a back to school sale and the tubs were pretty reasonable.  

This cubby shelf will house my math tubs.  This is something new I'm finally trying this year.  Students will work independently or with a partner when they finish their math assignment until math is over.  I don't know about you, but some of our math lessons are pretty short and the assignments do not take very long.  So this gives them more practice plus me time to work with struggling students for math in a small group.  Before I'd pop something on the smartboard for them to do but still wasn't totally freed up to work with math groups.

I made little labels and I can't wait.  (Math Tub Labels coming soon to my TPT store)


Male Kindergarten Teacher posted on his Instagram a couple of days ago about some headphones that came in that are made for younger students.  They are called Kidz Gear Headphones.  Mine should be arriving today.  There are lots of bright colors to choose from. I ordered 4 blue ones for my Listening to Reading station.

I have bought cheap Walmart headphones for under $10.  I've even bought some close to $20 or slightly more from there or Target and they never last more than about a year.  The sound either goes out in the headphones or they break.  I've also had the problem with some of my very small kindergarteners having them slide so much even being adjusted.  I've read lots of reviews and decided to give them a try!

These are the 3 bigger purchases that I'm excited for this school year!  Sorry if I just made you want to spend money.  ;)


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