Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Gobble Gobble! 

Whew, I have not posted in FOREVER.  Believe it or not I've been busy but this school year is amazing so far!

I thought I'd check in today and tell you a few things I am thankful for.

1. Family and friends- I feel like this is generally on everyone's list...but it is true.  They are rock.
2. Boyfriend- We are about to celebrate six incredible months.  I could go on and on about that man, but I won't bore you.
3. Teaching- My year has been just an absolute breath of fresh air that I needed.  I was coming off a very rough year personally and professionally.  Last year was my complete rock bottom in most aspects of life.  It's crazy to look back on it how everything has changed and for the best.
4. Teaching Community- I love connecting with others on Insta, TPT, and on blogs.  You all keep me motivated and inspired.

Lastly, I am throwing a Black Friday (& Saturday) sale in my TPT store.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy some time with family and friends!


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