Monday, June 9, 2014

Daily 5

Guess what?  My new Daily 5 book came in today!  I about squealed when I saw the UPS lady walking to the door.  I dove right into it and brushed off the giggles from the other side of the couch.  My response: "Yes, I love books!  Don't laugh at me!  Go back to work!  Isn't your lunch break over?" 

I will let you know what I think as I go along.  So far, just by reading the 1st chapter I can already tell you there are some differences.  I love that the Sisters aren't saying to do all 5 in one day.  Whew!  I only could do 3 and on a good day, 4.  

I started using Daily 5 in my classroom last year.  I feel like I am still learning what and I'm thrilled to read this edition and to make some little changes for this coming year!

Well, back to reading for me.  I don't know about your neck of the woods...but in mine, it has been cloudy for the past 4 days and has rained as well.  Currently I'm listening to the sound of pouring raining and suddenly feeling very...very...sleepy.


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