Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Writing Goal Clip Chart

So I am obviously new to being a teacher blogger and TPTer.  I have totally slacked on the blogging.  This will be my New Year's Resolution this year!

So for my first post since school started...

Here is my writing conferencing and student goal setting life saver!  It is my "My Writing Goal" Clip Chart (small).  I use this daily with students when we have individual writing conferences.  I call four kids up a day during writing to see where they are going, how they are doing, what they can improve on, they look at some writing progressions and choose their star level (more on that in a later post), and they make their new goal.  I am going to talk more about writing conferences coming up in the very near future.

This chart has been a lifesaver.  I was worried about starting conferencing for writing.  But this has really helped students remember their goal.

I put the chart on binder rings (hole punched each laminated box...or goal) and hung it right next to my small group table.  So when I conference with students it is right next to us, we don't have to leave our seats.

I would get nervous if someone came in and asked a few kids what they were writing or what their goal was...but this year I hear my kids telling the visitors (whomever they may be) what their goal is with ease!

I may update this soon with other color backgrounds.  I will also take requests if anyone has a certain color they are looking for or patterns as well (like chevron, quatrefoil, stripes, etc.).

On Monday I'll take a picture of what it looks like hanging up in my room by my small group table and I will update this post and put it under here.

Have a fantastic and safe Thanksgiving everyone!

Oh and remember, the site-wide TPT sale for Cyber Monday is December 1st-2nd.  I'll extend mine to the 3rd.  My cart is FULL and patiently waiting for Monday!


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