Saturday, December 6, 2014

Snowflake and Writing Chart/Conferences

Happy Saturday!  I don't know about you but I was completely ready for a boring weekend at home.  I am enjoying it to the fullest.  Currently crossing my fingers and watching Mizzou play Bama for the SEC title.

This week our elf came to Room K2.  One day this week he made friends with Pete.  So Pete and Snowflake took a selfie.  The kids LOVED it.  

Not only did they take a selfie, but they put it as my background.  So when I turned the SmartBoard on....

the crowd went WILD.  They loved it.  I think I'll keep it as our background till break.  :)

Now...yes I did take a picture of my newest writing clip chart that I use daily in my classroom.  It hangs by my small group table.  Please disregard the nasty old cabinets.  

As you can see it is smaller than my other charts.  I love this though.  Many of my friends are working on stretching sounds to write words.  

Our school and district are really focusing on students making goals for writing and doing self-assessment.  So this is what I made and use.  I have had several people asking about it so I finally posted it last week to TPT.  You can find the resource by clicking on the picture below.  

Also I posted last week my writing conferences pack that I use in my classroom daily along with this writing clip chart.  

As you see from the resource cover...this pack comes with a lot of great resources to use during your kindergarten writing conferences.  Here's a few pictures of my active binder from this pack.

The above picture is what I use for each student.  The sheet is for the month of November.  The pack includes all months (for those who go year round or from other countries with different start times than myself).  

I have 22 students and I call up 4 or 5 a day.  The pack has a page with a little chart to keep track of what students you meet with and on what day.

Like I said in my last post...I was so nervous to start doing writing conferences.  I always have high expectations for my kiddos but I was nervous to be at my small group table the majority of our writing time but surprisingly my kids are working very well at their tables.  I have a few chronic leave their seat kids but they're working on it.  ;)

Let me know if you have a specific color scheme you'd like different for the chart.  Over Christmas Break I will be updating the chart to have multiple color and background options.  

Have a fantastic Saturday afternoon!  




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