Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year and Kinder Assessments

This is so very bizarre to me.  2015 is almost here!  I am ready.  Bring on the change!

I posted 2 new resources this break and I am excited to share them.  Well, technically I've posted more than that put I'm sharing these two.  (Click the pictures to go to TPT to shop)

Quick Assessments for Kindergarten!


One pack is Math and the other is ELA (Foundational Skills).  Both packs have multiple assessments for each standard listed at the beginning of the pack (or on the two pics above).  Some such as counting to 100 only have one assessment, I just use the same sheet through the year.

This pack saves paper! There are two assessments to a page.  I love that these are quick and they are not time consuming.  If we have a few extra minutes before Specials or Recess...I pass out one of these.  

If your school is like have to collect a lot of evidence.  These little quick check assessments are great for that.  It's an easy way to see how students are doing on a skill.  We have to collect 3 pieces for each standard/skill.  I had seen a similar idea but it only had one per standard for every standard...and I wanted more.  So I decided to make my own and share.  :)  The more the better for practice and for assessment.

Most of these students can do independently after you explain to the group what to do.  Some of these you may have to do one-on-one or in a small group.

I tried to provide multiple quick assessments for each standard.

I am going to be adding to these packs here very soon...I will put the revision notice on TPT and send out an email as well.

Here are some picture samples of what some of the quick assessments look like!

& some math....

Well, I need to go powder my opossum before a night on the town for NYE with friends.  I'm more of a board games and small group of friends person...but I am being dragged out this year.  I'm the driver of the crazy bunch, other wise known as mom for the night.

Have a safe and happy New Year!  

I'm leaving you with my scared selfie from Christmas when a chicken was seriously chasing me at my Aunt's farm.  You can see the little devil in the background.


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