Saturday, January 10, 2015

Take Home Book Bags!

Happy Saturday!  Today I thought I'd share my newest purchase and idea...

Take Home Book Bags!

I was slightly hesitant to try this because I didn't want to purchase these out of pocket.  I'm saving the receipt to turn into for PTO $ we sometimes get or thankfully I've had a great holiday season on TPT.  
I ordered from Really Good Stuff these great bags for my kindergarteners to take home their weekly leveled reader.  The past two years I had the books in their plastic 2 pocket folder that they take home every night.  The books tore up those poor folders second semester.  The page protectors were constantly breaking and I'd tape or replace them.  The books would also easily fall out of the folder.

This past week I have gone over the bags with the kinders.  We've talked about how to use them, how to put them in our backpacks, how to take the books out and not to read the books near food or drinks...or those fabulous toddler siblings who love to rip, write on, and spill stuff.

These are the labels that go on the front of the bag along with the first pile of A-D books to put into bags.

Each bag holds their reader and a reading log for the month.  Their parents circle BT or WH (by themselves or with help for how their child read the book).  I also sent home a nice sheet last week explaining the leveled readers, how yes...they sound predictable and maybe even memorized, how to sign the log, and that these bags MUST be brought back every Monday.  I will send home a note each Monday afternoon if a student didn't bring it back.  If it becomes a habit they may have to take a break from the bag.

Here's one bag up close with the log and a book.  The top of the bags have a red handle, but it was tucked underneath and I didn't realize it for the picture.

I only do one book a week except for my students who parents have requested more or if I feel someone needs a little extra practice.  I also will send home other things such as sight word flash cards.  This bag can definitely hold more than one book...that's just how many I send home a week.

My school is lucky enough to have a leveled reader library (a closet the K-2nd hall and the 3-5th hall).  We have baskets with probably 20-30 books for each DRA level.  We can use these in the classroom or use them to send home for nightly practice like I do.  I know some schools do not have a similar resource.  :(  

Here's where I got the bags.  I ordered the medium size and got the clearview. I want to easily be able to tell if the book is in there, if it's messy, etc.  I ordered the blue.  I got enough for 24.  I currently have 22 students but may purchase another set because next year I could have more.

Click the picture to see this bag on the website.  Also click Organization and Storage at the top and then Bags & Pouches to see other size and style options.

I will do an update soon about how the bags have been going, if parents are signing the reading logs, if the bags are being brought bag, and more!  

They are pricy but I hope the kids get excited to open their bag and read, and that parents see we care about literacy in our school.  I'm glad I decided to try it!

In the update post I will also have a *FREEBIE* done by then for the reading logs I use and also for the book bag labels (I'll make them editable).

Have a fantastic and relaxing weekend! 


  1. Take Home Book Bags! I was slightly hesitant to try this because I didn't want to purchase these out of pocket. I'm saving the receipt to turn into ...

  2. Where is the updated post? I am looking for the Freebie; calendar and name tags! Thanks!!!

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