Sunday, January 18, 2015

Scurrying Sunday!

Hey everyone!  I woke up early to get a few things done because this afternoon and evening involves FOOTBALL!  

My Green Bay Packers are play the Seachickens Seahawks.  I am extremely anxious and ready for this game.  I'm rockin' my Clay Matthews jersey and anxiously buzzing around the room.

Here's a penguin blubber activity we did.  Click on the photo to get the FREEBIE.

The last two weeks in kindergarten revolved around Penguins!  We loved it.  The students' were so focused and engaged.  We had some of our best writing so far this year!  I've learned that they love to write facts.  This week we will be doing a lot of Martin Luther King Jr. activities.  Also, I do have school tomorrow.  

{Cue sad violin music}

We also made the awesome mittens from Maria Manore at Kinder Craze!  Check out our stained glass mittens on our windows.  Click the photo to go to this activity on her TPT!

Here we go!  I totally ran out of time this weekend to finish up my visual planner for you guys.  Hopefully I will next week.

High: Silent E words and blends/diagraphs and reading comprehension skills.
Medium: Phoneme Segmenting and retelling.
Low: CVC practice and retelling.

I have some flimsy laminated paper elkonin boxes that I have used in the past for small groups and RTI time but I decided to order a set from Really Good Stuff.  It'll probably be in by the end of the week. :)

We have been really getting into informative writing.  Lots and lots of facts!  Previous years we've had some trouble only writing facts and not writing "I like penguins.  They are cute." This year's bunch can write a good fact!  I've been very surprised.

We will continue writing facts about ourselves, winter animals (polar bears), and ending our writing this week with some MLK facts.

This quarter one ELA standard added is the retelling standard.  We will be looking at familiar stories such as "Goldilocks and the 3 Bears" and "The 3 Little Pigs".  We will break those stories down and learn how to tell events in order.  We have done a little of this before, but not at the capacity we need to for this quarter.

We use EnVision Math.  Topic 7 is ending tomorrow and we will be taking our Topic Test.  This topic has been addition.  I feel like in a way it is too short.  So we will be doing lots of addition checks and practices through this quarter and next when we have a little extra time after math or in the afternoon.

Last week we did lots of awesome Penguin science activities!  I'm sad to see it go.  This week we will be doing more Social Studies.  We will be reading, writing, and doing small projects on MLK.

Here is a *FREEBIE* I made for MLK that is in my store.  Click the picture to go get it!

This was short and sweet today because I have a few things to finish up around the house, a Mexican lunch with my parents, and then watch the PACKERS win!

Have a great week everyone!


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