Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2015 Resolutions & Goals Linky!

Tada!  There it is folks!  Today I'm linking up with Second Grade Nest to share my resolutions and my goals for this upcoming year.  Go link up!

My goal last year was to start writing conferences in my classroom.  I was never consistent before.  That's still continuing into 2015.  But for a new goal, I would say I want to come up with math tubs for my students do work on after finishing.  Some days our math lessons are super short and quick.  Other times it takes up almost our whole math block.  So having tubs to extend learning and keep them busy other than just a SmartBoard game would be great!  Anyone know any good resources or books on that let me know!  :)  I'd love you forever!

As far as my blog and TPT:
I want to at least do one blog post a week.  I also want to continue to make quality items in my store.  I started TPTing on July 1st, 2014 and started with a bunch of decor items like number and ABC posters.  I've been creating more academic files.  That's been so much fun.  I want to add to some of the items I already have in my store and update them.

So corny because everyone picks this for their goal for a new year...but I seriously need to get back on track with exercise.  When I am consistently exercising I see results...my problem is I get sick or get a really busy week at work and stop.  I'm at my heaviest I've ever been.  Thank goodness I have great confidence and LOVE my curves.  But I do want to tone up and get back where I was a few years ago.  Hey, I'm on a roll with working out 3 days in a row since break started.  

Make more time for friends.  My 2 best friends and I decided to devote at least one evening (or day) together a week.  One of my friends just moved back to town because she is getting a divorce (he was crazy and extremely mean to her) and is obviously going through a lot.  My other friend has a soon to be 4 year old (holy moly how'd Madi get to be 4!?!) and a new full time job.  I of course teach all day.  But we are going to make time for one another.  We have been best friends since we were 17 (we're 25 and 26 now) and we want to keep it up!

If you know me you know I'm an avid world traveler.  Ideally I would love to go back to England.  But the tiredness in me wants the beach!  So let's go with any warm beach!

Hmm...I'm not too out of the box when it comes to trying food.  I guess a different cuisine.  Maybe Indian?

I'd love to learn/figure out how to make clipart.  I think that's a summer project.

Pop.  Oh lordy friends...I got on the drinking pop kick about a month ago.  I am currently powering through this horrible caffeine headache right now as I type.  I use to rarely drink it, but started buying one a day at work from the machine.  GRRR.  Coke, you are super delicious but awful on my metabolism.

Read.  I love to read and read a few pages before bed and crash.  I just need to make more time for it.  Anyone else a closet romance novel reader?  :)  I will read anything though.  I read teen books, WW2 books, British monarchy books, and Game of Thrones.  Darn Joffery.

Finding a decent man.  No, but maybe.  :)  I just honestly want to be happy this year and do what's best for me and just have fun and be carefree.  I went through a totally unexpected breakup back in September that left me a mess (left me for a 20 year old with a kid and worked at a fast food chain...seriously...couldn't make that up!). So I've been doing TONS better and just being me and focusing on being happy!  My friends and family have been amazing.  TPT has been awesome to create and keep my mind off of things.  I also want to just be positive and upbeat with this school year.  It's one of those years if you know what I mean.  

Here's to a better year and a happy year in and out of the classroom!

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post. Nice to find a teacher who is also in their mid 20s. Sorry that you went through a rough breakup this fall.. The good news is you are still young and plenty of time to enjoy yourself and settle down. I agree about the spending more time with friends, that is also a goal of mine.
    Happy Holidays!


  2. Thank you Allie! :) Hope you have a great break and Christmas!

  3. Just found your blog through the goals linky! Glad to have found you. I enjoyed reading your goals and learning a bit about you. I would be happy to join you on a warm beach - at this time of year in New England, there is nothing I would love more than a day at the beach! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


    1. Thank you Tara! I think the beach thing has to happen for me this year. :) Have a great Christmas!