Sunday, December 28, 2014


I woke up not feeling so great at 6:30am, checking my NFL filled Twitter feed and got a great idea.  *I'm a morning great ideas come super early*.


I'm not going to lie, one of my addictions is Instagram.  I check it ALL THE TIME.  Follow Me at @misskatesdesk.

So I know today the end of regular season NFL, but I want to start a hashtag on IG for teachers who love football like me!  I'll post one Instagram shot every week on Sunday with a question or something to share and comment on.  I'm posting this week's soon.

Hopefully next year I can start this at Preseason or before!  :)

Who is my team?  The Green Bay Packers!

Sayyy what?  A Missouri girl lovin' the Packers.  Why yes.  Yes I do.

Here's the story:
When my brother was a toddler he was fascinated with the cheeseheads.  Then we he started speaking it was Brett Favre nonstop.  In high school I started watching what little games are on tv.  Note: we love to show the Chiefs and Rams here in MO...with good reason.  I always wish the Chiefs well too.  But the Rams...I'm sorry.  Pitiful.  Back to the in college I started watching the games the games not shown on my cable on my laptop.  I am a faithful Packers fan.  I watch every Sunday.  My friends know I'm not available Sunday afternoons in the fall and early winter.  I went to KC to Arrowhead Stadium in December 2011.  The Chiefs actually won.  It was sad.  Oh so sad.  Pile a bunch of drunk Missourians in one stadium with mostly Packers fans (the Chiefs were doing terrible that season)...and you had some very nice drunk Missourians while they were losing.  Once they got ahead...whew.  We left a few minutes towards the end just to get away from the obnoxious and completely wasted Chiefs fans.  Don't get me wrong, I love Missouri (lived here my entire life).  But any place with thousands of us and it's bound to get interesting.  I take that back, just go to Walmart on any given day or time.

Here's me in 2010 in Beijing China at the Temple of Heaven reppin' the Pack!

Favorite Player: Clay Matthews.  Now Aaron Rodgers is a given.  He's basically a saint in my opinion.
First GB game: December 2011
Favorite Apparel: I just got an awesome Matthews jersey.  But I do love my Aaron Freakin' Rodgers shirt.  ;)  I also have an AJ Hawk jersey.
Weirdest Packers Item I Own: hmm...a gnome, a tiny wooden gnome (no idea what is with the gnomes), a Clay Matthews Bleacher Creature (it's a plush doll).

Be looking on IG today for my #teacherslovefootball hashtag.  Upload fan photos, throwbacks of you at games, your game day setup, etc.  I know I'm not the only teacher who loves football!

Now for some photos!
 My brother Hank and I at Arrowhead in 2011.

I was in heaven.  12 rows from the Packers bench on the 35 yd line.

 If you know anything about Clay Matthews and his long know he wets it with a water bottle while he's bent over and then he flips the just wetted hair.  This is while wetting it.  He was about to flip his head back.  :)  I loved it!

Such an amazing experience.  There's my guy stand up at the end.  OLB but lately he's been playing inside.  

Happy Football Sunday friends!  Don't forget, #teacherslovefootball.  Find me on IG: @misskatesdesk.


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