Monday, June 22, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge Week #2: Dare to Dream

Happy Monday!  Aren't Mondays so much better during the summer?

Today I'm linking up with Third in Hollywood, Teach Create Motivate, Sparkling in Second, and Peppy Zesty Teacherista for Week #2 of the TPT Seller Challenge!  This week's challenge...

Dare to Dream!

I started TPT almost one year ago.  I'm still new at it.  I think it's been awesome to connect with other teachers, learn new things, and share my creations.  I don't expect to hit gold...that's not why I do it.  But the little extra income is certainly nice.  We put so much of our own money into our rooms and kids every's nice to get a little extra too.

Dream 1: Buy a house!
I have been saving up money by living at home.  I also thought at one point last year that I would be moving in with someone (and in a different state).  That fizzled.  So last year I was getting over that heartbreak and continued staying at home.  I know renting is great for some people, I just really would rather not. I'm close to being able to have a very nice downpayment.  I'd love to find a small but nice house in my town.  TPT has helped me save even more than I thought.  

Sigh.  I want one.

Dream 2: Travel!
If you follow me on Instagram (@misskatesdesk) or on have probably noticed that I love to travel.  Since 2010 I have traveled to 7 countries as a student or almuni with my university I graduated from.  I've been to China, England, France, Spain, Belize (did student teaching there for a month), Italy, and Germany.  China is where I found my travel bug.  I'd love to continue traveling for the rest of my life.  Thankfully as teachers, we have all summer to do that!  Last year I was using part of my TPT earnings for a trip to Paris in July. That trip fell through.  So instead, I'm sticking some of it back for Vegas next July!  Also, a professor I've traveled with a lot has retired but still is going to do some trips here and there.  Her next one is Greece!  Count me in!

Here's the latest group I went with in 2013.  We are pictured above Florence, Italy. (I'm in the white)

Dream 3: Help Others!
I'd love to be able to do something nice for my parents.  A trip or a nice gift maybe.  They have done so much for me and have been my biggest cheerleaders.  I also enjoy helping people through my TPT store! For several years so many people helped me with providing awesome resources when I was a new teacher and unsure of ideas and what to do.  I hope that my TPT store can help others!

My family doesn't love pictures!  I was tired of scrolling through to find one with all of us.  Or just my parents.  So I gave up and chose this one of my brother and mom in Fayetteville, Arkansas when we went to visit Hank one weekend.  Woo pig sooie!

Those are my dreams!  Go link up and share yours!  Have a lovely week!


  1. Love your dreams...and your ideal home is the cutest!! I would love to travel as much as you have...I really want to go to France. Cute blog!!!

  2. All wonderful things! I love that you want to help your parents!

    Sparkling in Second

  3. I have a friend who just bought a house after living with her parents to save money. You can do it!!!
    I have another friend who travels through an education travel program...I'll check with her on the name and get back to you. Discount travel!!! :)
    I definitely have the travel bug...I never thought I'd ever get to Germany or Austria. Definitely want to go back!

  4. That house in the picture is adorable!! I am jealous of all of your travel adventures : )

    The Sassy Sub

  5. Katie, I love all your dreams. I adore the house in the picture, just precious! I also hope to have that dream become a reality in the near future. My husband and I live in a townhouse and it would be wonderful to have a house, especially a backyard for our two dogs. Wow, love all the traveling you have done. It is also on my bucket list to visit Greece. I wish you lots of success and I hope all your dreams come true!

  6. Buying a house is on my list of dreams too! You'll get there in time. Traveling is truly an adventure. How great that you've been able to go to so many countries.

    Enchanted Kinder Garden

  7. Greece! Swoon! I would love to travel to Greece. My sister is in the Navy and just traveled to Poland, Germany, Estonia, and more. Buying a(nother) house is also on my list! You've set some great goals! I love that you have a plan for how you're going to get there (saving up)!

    Simply Secondary