Thursday, July 31, 2014

I'm back!

Hello again!  I haven't posted in a while.  I was gone last week to Colorado and this week I been make in town (not in Kansas) & have been busy creating stuff before the big Teachers Pay Teachers sale on August 4th-5th!  Get your wishlist ready to move to your shopping cart!  I know I already have a slightly massive amount in mine.  ;)

Click the picture to go to my store.  I'll be throwing  a 20% off sale!

So Colorado...BEAUTIFUL!  I would be in heaven there.  I went to Estes Park for 1.5 days and Denver for 2 days.  We went to Rocky Mountain National Park and did only a part of the Trail Ridge Road (which is unbelievable!).  

We had to turn around at the tundra area because we were low on time we will have a full tank!  The next day we did the Rocky Mountain Tours (it's a 4wd crazy jeep tour through the mountains).  It climbed boulders, crazy slopes, small trails, etc.  We pretty much bounced around and ooohed and ahhhed for 3.5 hours.  It was so worth the $.  Then we headed for Denver.  We didn't do much in Denver because someone decided to trip/fall at the condo in Estes and completely bruise her foot.  Acckkhhhhmm...ME!  I was on crutches for 4 days and couldn't walk.  Good news is it's not fractured or broke, just extremely bruised (a contustion the doctor said).

So I'm in SWMO till Monday.  I get my new work laptop on Monday.  A MacBook Air!  I have a pretty old version of a MacBook so I'm extremely thrilled to say the least!  

I have been doing lots of custom things for coworkers and by golly they had some great ideas!  Here is one of my favorites...

Writing Clip Chart.  

I have made two version so far of Writing Clip Charts.  One was for a 1st grade teacher and the other was for my grade level partner that is themed like an author who has a certain (he who shall not be named) cat in who wears a large hat.  I'm going to make another version for myself and will probably post.  

These basically are for students to move their clip to the poster that fits what they need to work on or improve on.  So it goes along with self-assessment and goal setting.  We had end of the year PD to make up some snow days and we hear LOTS about self-assessment and goals.

Here are 2 samples from the Kindergarten version:

I have posted new number posters, a Wheel of Choices for our PBIS program we use out our school to teach problem solving during a conflict.  I have some other decor up as well.  I've been pretty busy!  

Well it's off to changing from my PJs to go work in my classroom for a bit.  Today I am tackling my classroom library.  I completely moved it from last year and I have new green rugs and a new chevron poof from Target.  I also have some new bins and book containers as well!  Here is a picture from 2 days ago...not complete by any means. 

 I'll post an update of how it is coming later today or tomorrow!  I still can't get over that my classroom has carpet now!  I love it.  Now...ask me if I love it after beginning of the year milk stains from snack time.  Ugh.


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