Friday, July 18, 2014

It has begun...

Hello!  I went to my classroom on Wednesday and Thursday.  Anyone else have the problem of just putting stuff in boxes and not organizing it well?  I'm generally an organized person but I was just not in the mood to pack up my classroom for the carpet to be put in and the cleaning/painting. 

It seriously took 30 minutes to find my stapler.  30 minutes!  My grade level partner was there too and she couldn't find hers either.  :)

So on Wednesday I did a couple of bulletin boards.  I'm debating on whether to do the other huge one in the back that has a red background.  Bulletin boards are my least favorite classroom back-to-school task.  They're great when they are finished...but getting to that point stinks.

I feel Bob Harper in the background saying this:

My body is sore the next day in the most bizarre places after putting my classroom back together.

My reading area is going to be different this year.  Very different.  :)  I usually have a tiny carpet with 2 red pillows and this huge Lakeshore reading nook.  I'm still using the nook but it is over by my small group table now...which also got moved.  Here is the beginning of my reading area.  It will soon have a bench with a cushion and the books will be on that shelf and organized.
The green rug is new (Walmart) and the chevron navy/white cushion is also new (Target).  The cushion is spill proof, water proof, and is not supposed to fade.  It was an outdoor cushion and I believe they are still on SALE.  Probably even more so...I got mine 3 weeks ago.

I am going to try to get another green rug from Walmart.  I didn't realize how much room I would have for my rug and I was just shop happy and bought before measuring my area.  

Here are the bulletin boards.  I have my word wall up.  I used Maria Manore's word wall.  I already had them printed out and laminated before school was out.  I just started creating my own products at the end of June.  Which by the stinkin' awesome is Maria?  She's fantastic.  She's one of the many bloggers/sellers that I follow and that I am constantly inspired by.  The skinny but tall gray and chevron board is next to the door.  That's where I post the lunch calendar, line leader cards that we turn each day, our school's events calendar, pictures, and other random flyers for parents. 

Here is my room as of yesterday when I was about to leave.  Most of the furniture is where I want it, I just have tons of stuff on them to put back where they belong.

I decided to leave yesterday when I was sweating through my shirt (oh yes, it was lovely) and the fire alarm started going off.  That was my cue.  They are redoing our bathrooms now and working on the Gym/Saferoom and new offices/safe front doors (our old office was around the corner from the doors and not very intruder safe at all).  So we have layers of dust and the custodian and workers thought maybe it's all the dust or the just them working on wires and things with the construction.  Either way, I left.

Well I'm back in Kansas for a couple of weeks since time is limited and soon I'll be back to seeing him only on weekends.  I'm about to workout and then get around to go to Walmart.  I need another green rug!

Have a great Friday everyone!


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