Monday, July 7, 2014

New Items!

Good afternoon everyone!  I've been working all day and watching reruns of Teen Mom.  I know...I know.  I'm just using it as background noise.  We all have our guilty pleasures.  

Here are some of the most recent products:

Flower Number Posters 1-20

Print and post onto your word wall.  The banner pictured underneath is the heading for your word wall.

Print and put on labels, trays, or colorful draw carts to organize your daily materials or lessons.

Is anyone else bummed out that they can't be in Vegas at I Teach K?  I would LOVE to be there!  One day I will be there.  

Okay readers, I need your help.  I'm starting to work on some academic packs (I've mainly been doing decor to start with).  I want to know what you want to see or some ideas.  They can be either academic packs or decor.  Let me know!  Email or comment below! 

Don't forget to follow me on TPT and if you download a product to rate/leave feedback.  You guys are awesome and I need some fabulous followers

Have a great Monday everyone!  I'm done creating for the day and I'm going to catch up on some reading.  I'm currently reading Midnight Crossroads.  I have about 80 pages left!  EEeek!


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