Sunday, July 6, 2014

Word Banner *FREEBIE*

I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend!  I'm still in Kansas and so I spent the weekend with my boyfriend's family.  The highlight was yesterday going to his grandparents' pond. It is a beautiful farm with a great pond, small dock, shade, and lots of great food and drinks.  Then we went back to Chris' town to watch their firework show.  This town of less than 2,000 had a show that lasted 40 minutes!  I was shocked.

Anyways.  I made a freebie this morning waiting for his relatives to get out of the bathrooms so they could get around and back to their hometowns.  

I decided to make some Word Banners (chalk style) with 4 words: READ, WRITE, CREATE, and PLAY.  There are also 4 sets of 2 banners that have graphics like bows, pencils, paper, and a baseball.

I plan on printing these on cardstock, laminating, hole punching, and stringing them up in my classroom in spots.  Perhaps even hung up around each other at various heights.  They could also be used to staple onto bulletin boards.  Get creative!  :)

(click the pictures to take you to my TPT store to download this *FREEBIE*, don't forget to follow me too on TPT so you can get info about sales, freebies, new products, I'm at a pitiful 1 follower currently!  :( )

Have a great Sunday everyone!

OOooh and I'm very excited to start the #bloghoppin2014 scavenger hunt!  I'm starting on it today!  Remember, you can follow me on Instagram @ misskatesdesk .


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